In an emergency your dentist can help you out in a number of different ways, from dealing with chips and cracks to diagnosing and treating infected teeth and gums. To highlight just how varied a service an emergency dentist in Southgate can provide, here’s a brief list of the various forms of dental help they can provide you with at short notice.

Diagnosing and treating symptoms

One example of how you can be helped in a dental emergency is in the immediate diagnosing of any symptoms of oral anguish you might be going through.

For example if you have an inflammation of your gums, that could be the source of an infection, your dentist would be able to provide the right course of antibiotics or recommendations for treatment. Or if you are experiencing pain in your teeth that isn’t subsiding, even when you take painkillers, they would be able to identify, treat or extract the particular tooth that was causing discomfort.

Provide temporary repairs

Perhaps one of the most common ways in which a dentist can help you out in an emergency is by providing quick and temporary repairs to damaged teeth. This could be in the form of covering up chips and cracks on the surface, or reinserting a tooth that has been knocked out.

These repairs can then be replaced or improved upon at a later date by your normal dentist when they are available, so your teeth can still stay relatively intact and healthy until they can be properly treated.

 Perform dental surgery

In a similar way to providing temporary repairs, they would be able to perform certain forms of dental surgery to help you. This could be the likes of minor restoration of badly damaged teeth and gums, or the removal of a diseased tooth that is causing intense discomfort or prolonged pain.  

Recommend further treatment

In some of the more serious cases, a dentist could recommend or provide preparation for further treatment. This could involve taking X-rays, bringing in additional practitioners for specific treatments, or referrals to outside centres for more complex procedures or surgeries.

Provide orthodontic repairs

Aside from fixing teeth and diagnosing infections, a dentist can also step in to help provide repairs to orthodontics that have become damaged.

For example, if a brace has become damaged in some way, either in the front facing brackets or in the wiring, an emergency dentist would be able to perform a temporary repair to the orthodontic device that would allow the wearer to continue to use it relatively normally until it can be replaced.

This also applies to denture wearers, as finding a replacement for ones that have suddenly become cracked or damaged in some way can be difficult at short notice. In this particular case a dentist would be able to perform repairs or provide you with a temporary pair to wear until you can get a new set.

These are just a few of the various ways in which an emergency dentist can help you with your dental woes. If you’re unsure whether a problem with your teeth is worth an emergency appointment, then just chat to the team at your local practice for further information.

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