You may have heard of the term “thermogenic” get tossed in the mix when people discuss weight loss. What it actually means is heat producing. When the body is burning up calories, it produces more heat, and so, supplements that bolster metabolism or the fat burning process are considered thermogenic supplements.

To that end, there are many various kinds of thermogenic supplements available like the OxyShred EHP Labs. Some may have just one primary ingredient while there are other products that make use of a proprietary blend of metabolism-boosting compounds. There are a lot of manufacturers that tout their product’s ability to help people in their weight-loss endeavours but the authenticity of such claims continues to be widely debated in many fitness corners.

Do Thermogenic Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

With the way manufacturers tout their products, thermogenic supplements appear to be a convenient way to augment your metabolism and lessen body fat. However, if you are keen on taking such products, you must bear in mind that it does carry with it several risks and side effects.

While a lot of people are able to tolerate the effects of thermogenic supplements without much complaint, there are others who are not able to and experience some uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects, the most common of which are nausea and constipation. Some people have also complained of suffering from abdominal pain as well as headaches.

It is also crucial to note that ingesting such products may result in a slightly increased blood pressure. Supplements that have 400 mg or even more of caffeine may lead the consumer to experience heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches and even dizziness.

Other studies have also concluded that thermogenic supplements can possibly lead to more serious complications. Experts have already reported a link between this kind of supplement and a serious inflammation of the intestinal tract, which in some cases, were so severe that it needed surgery to alleviate and repair.

There also have been reports of hepatitis, damage to the liver and even complete and utter liver functions in healthy teens and adults that consistently ingested thermogenic supplements.

It is worth noting that supplements are not as well-regulated as rigidly as food and other medications. Oftentimes, these are not tested well or rigorously enough before they are released to the public so it’s always in your best interests to be vigilant whenever you plan to or are already taking this kind of supplement, especially if the product you are taking holds a fairly high dosage of stimulants which may interact with your body in an adverse manner.

It is always advisable to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any thermogenic supplement to see if this tact is ideal for you.

Looking for a Low Stimulant Thermogenic Supplement?

A highly touted product is the OxyShred EHP Labs, which is an advanced and potent fat burner that helps boost your metabolism to promote better fat burning. Not only that, this product can also help curb your hunger pangs, restrict the absorption of calories, boost your immunity and deliver to your body a natural boost of energy. Best of all, this product does not contain any heavy stimulants.

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