Cosmetic dentistry is a popular field of dentistry which is ever-evolving with advances in technology and becoming more convenient, accessible and suited to modern stressful lifestyles in which a selfie has become the normal way to start the day. Social media has significantly affected self-consciousness and self grooming habits. A few decades ago most adults happily settled with the aesthetics of their smile however with the development of discreet and convenient treatment procedures, more and more adults are looking to improve their smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has many different specialities and helps improve the appearance of clean and healthy teeth. The whitening of stained and discoloured teeth is one of the most commonly sought-after procedures at the dentist. Straightening misaligned teeth, crooked or wonky teeth, changing the shape of teeth, replacing a lost tooth or teeth can all be dealt with using cosmetic dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the overall smile in general and can also help avoid dental complications in the future by treating issues such as overcrowding, bite disorders and gaps in the teeth. There are many different techniques and treatment methods involved in cosmetic dentistry and speaking to the dentist in St. John’s Wood can help decide which treatments will suit individual choice and requirements.

Teeth whitening using Enlighten whitening

Staining and discoloration can significantly affect the aesthetics of a smile. This can occur as a result of poor dental hygiene, smoking, food and drinks such as tea, wine, coffee and Cola. Some medications can affect the colour of the teeth and even some illnesses can affect the aesthetics and health of the teeth. Enlighten is a popular choice of teeth whitening at the dentist in St. John’s Wood. It involves an initial professional clean to remove any excess plaque or tartar build-up which may negatively impact the effects of the treatment. The remaining treatment is carried out at home, and involves wearing individually tailored whitening trays which hold the Enlighten gels. There are two gels, one of which is worn for a couple of hours during the day whilst the other one is used overnight and works whilst the patient sleeps. These gels are made of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide and work by increasing the the tooth permeability to oxygen to help breakdown stain molecules which may be covering the teeth into smaller molecules until they are no longer visible, restoring the tooth’s natural colour and shine and enabling the patient to smile confidently again.

What Are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles are a popular choice of cosmetic dental treatment which help straighten teeth which may be crooked or misaligned. It involves using clear braces and invisible aligners to help apply gentle pressure to the teeth and push them into their desired locations in, as the name suggests, 6 months according to the extent of movement necessary. The braces used in this treatment are discreet and although they consist of wires and brackets, they are matched to the colour of the patient’s natural teeth making them an appealing and attractive alternative to conventional braces. This treatment plan can be used to help bite disorders, straighten misaligned teeth, improve overcrowding of the teeth, fixing issues with gaps in the teeth and aligning crooked or protruding teeth.

There are many other cosmetic dental treatments available and speaking to the dentist will help find out more about how to help improve the aesthetics of your smile today.

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