When you are running a dental practice, you will always be looking for ways to expand your business and reach more potential patients. Developing one of your own dental websites provides one of the best ways to achieve this. As a website broadens the catchment area of people, your business can become more visible too.

Having a website also means that people who have heard about your practice and want to know more can do this easily. You should, however, keep in mind that running a successful dental practice goes way beyond having a good website. A well-designed website can, of course, become the face of your clinic. But one must be mindful that back-end processes like handling taxes, cybersecurity risks, financials, and bookkeeping are also top priorities. You can outsource it to companies like Eide Bailly if it becomes too much to handle on your own or for your in-house team. From the vantage point of being successful, there are many factors that go into having a successful website. Whether that be the aesthetics of your website, the ease of use, or the advertising of your website, it all contributes to standing out from all the others.

Aesthetics and usability

When people are searching for things, they want the website they are using to look good, be clear and easy to use. These are the simple things that are good to take into account when creating dental websites. If your website is too wordy or messy, it will deter people from using it as it is unprofessional. Whereas if you have a smooth-to-use, visually appealing yet informative website, it will go a lot further.

Personal information and photographs

When you have a dental website, it is important to humanise it so people know that you are a real person and business. Having something as simple as an opening paragraph with a little bit of information about who you are, twinned with pictures, can help to develop trust with the user that you are legitimate. This also gives you an opportunity to talk about who you are as a person, how long you have been in your profession for and more.

Mobile-friendly design

More people than ever are using their mobile phones to search for things instead of laptops and computers. This is why it is important to make sure that your website is still smooth to use for mobile users, as if it isn’t, it can cut out a large group of potential new patients.

Contact details/contact form

It is important to make sure that you include your contact details or a contact form in order for people who are interested in something to proceed. Making this easy is key to encouraging people to contact you for further information or to book an appointment. After all, it is always your aim to attract new patients, so place your contact details/contact form in an easy-to-see place so people can use them if they wish.

Web analytics tools

If you are interested to see which parts of your website are the most popular and which ones are not and may need improvement, then using web analytics tools can be handy. Using these tools also allows you to see how many people use your website and at which times, the most common age group/gender that visits your website and more.

Links to social media

If you have social media accounts for your business, which are also a great way to boost your business, then linking these with your website can be effective. By linking your social media accounts on your website, it can make people more intrigued to explore your business and consider using it for treatments. There are usually more personal posts and more interaction on social media, meaning it can further build that trust in the searcher that your company is reliable and high-quality.

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