The question on everyone’s lips is; “What now?” What is there to do while lockdown is being lifted? What is safe, fun and new that can help pull everyone out of the slump they entered while being stuck at home? The answer is a virtual reality experience in London. It may seem like a step backwards, why enter the online world when people finally have the opportunity to enter the real one again but this experience incorporates both the virtual world and the real one, where customers can interact with their bubble on a whole new level while still enjoying that familiar British pub culture they have all missed so much. 

VR and the pub

Realistically what people have missed most is being able to go down the pub and have a pint with their mates, this is quintessential British culture and having it ripped away has been difficult for many. But now that everyone has been locked inside for a few months they are also looking for adventure and the perfect place to find both of these is in London where VR gaming meets social gathering (with social distancing still very much at the forefront of this new experience)

Gaming – customers can book the whole venue out for private sessions, for free. Meaning that they can bring their social bubble to experience VR gaming and the adventures it offers for themselves. While maintaining social distance from all strangers, staff have been carefully trained on hygiene protocols and cleaning methods to ensure a COVID-secure environment for all players.

The Bar – as part of this experience, the bar is available to one bubble at a time which means that the entire circle of friends can join in the fun without worrying about social distancing from strangers as they would at the regular pub thanks to private bookings and as an added benefit they can watch their friends and family battle it out in the arena for a laugh.

What games can players expect?

There are 3 games which groups can choose to play, but before this, each game provides a demo which is a 30min tutorial on how the game and equipment works so that players can get the most out of the time they spend within one or all of the games:

Overrun – the world may have all experienced the COVID apocalypse which, though devastating, was kind of a relieve considering that it wasn’t zombies, however, for those wanting to experience a zombie apocalypse there is Overrun. Customers will have to face waves of zombies to survive and armed with guns and quick thinking skills, surviving the apocalypse is as easy as point and shoot and maybe run away just a little bit.

Difficulty: Easy -Hard

Strike Team Delta – if the group has had their fill of apocalypses then maybe becoming space marines defending the earth from an alien invasion is a little more their speed. Strike Team Delta takes players through a crash site to investigate and find clues which will lead them to the aliens to do battle.

Difficulty: Medium

The Heist – (Please note that while social distancing measures are still in place, this game is unavailable.)

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