It can be tough when you have a slightly misaligned smile. 

As an adult, misaligned teeth will undoubtedly have a more significant impact on your confidence, which can alter every aspect of your life. 

As a child, you may have been told that orthodontic treatment, or braces, could only be beneficial when you were younger. Also, as an adult, it is unlikely that you will want to wear a set of metal braces on your teeth anyway! 

Of course, there is a more discreet alternative in the form of invisible braces. As the name suggests, these braces are made from a clear plastic, which gently push your teeth into their desired location. Straightforward and with accelerated treatment time, invisible braces are perfect for busy adults, who have no time to waste getting that straighter smile that they want! 

Unsure if you could benefit from wearing an invisible brace? Do you think Invisalign in St. Albans is unlikely to be helpful? 

Here are five signs that you could benefit from Invisalign near St. Albans. 

There is a gap 

While Invisalign from St. Albans may sound intriguing, it can be tough to know if there is any benefit to the treatment. 

One way to assess suitability yourself is to explore your teeth and see if you have any large gaps. As this invisible aligner can correct minor gaps in your smile, it may be worthwhile visiting your dentist to see if your gaps are likely to be corrected using this style of aligner. 

Overlapping teeth 

A common issue is overlapping teeth. While they may not seem like a problem, they can actually cause plaque and bacteria to accumulate in areas that are difficult to brush, meaning you are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease and dental decay. 

If you notice that you have a few teeth that are overlapping, it may be worth pursuing treatment with an invisible aligner, if only to reduce the risk of tooth decay! 

Your teeth appear crooked 

Crooked teeth are those that did not erupt in a straight line, giving your smile an asymmetrical look. 

This is easy to spot in photographs or in a mirror as your teeth simply don’t look straight. The severity of the misalignment will determine if you are suited for treatment with invisible braces, but in the majority of cases, an aligner will definitely correct this issue. 

Your bite seems off 

Do you take a bite out of a sandwich and leave the filling in place? 

Underbites, overbites, and crossbites are sure-fire indicators that you could use some orthodontic work and, with a range of invisible braces available, your dentist will decide which is the best to resolve your bite. After all, who likes biting a sandwich and missing the filling? 


Crowded teeth are often the underlying problem behind overlapping teeth and so, helping to space out your teeth gradually will create more room in your mouth, whilst also giving you a more even-looking smile. What a perfect solution! 

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