Hello! My name is Susan and I run this blog. Thank you for wanting to contact me. I am always interested in what you guys think of my blog. I am always wanting to know how I am doing or how I can improve my site. I have many reasons why I would like you to contact me but I will narrow it down for you.

Do You Have Any Feedback?

If you have feedback, then great! I always like to hear what you guys think of my healthy blog! I appreciate feedback at anytime  as I like to put my site up to your standard so you can enjoy using it as much as I like to publish on it.  So, any feedback you give me is always useful to me and it will benefit you in the long run!

Media Enquiries

I am open to guest posting and sponsorships. I like to read all your stories, advice and tips and I would like to publish them on my site! Saying this, I wouldn’t anything to do with dating or gambling. I want relevant content! So if you do have any healthy tips or exercise techniques that you think will be beneficial for my blog, please submit a guest post! I would like you to become a contributor on my site! If you want to know my guidelines, then do contact us and we will tell you.

Technical Difficulties

We do love a well running site but if it is not running well for you then that can be an issue. I always want my site to run as well as it can for you. So, if you have any issues with my site, do let me know. I always appreciate the feedback from you

That’s it from me! I am looking forward to talking to you. Please contact me at susan@myhealthline.co.uk or use the form below to get in touch! Stay healthy.