Doing charity work through social events has been one of the most motivational actions towards helping others. Pursuing such acts of service can save those in need by conducting research and learning more about fighting against diseases. 

For example, Action Medical Research provides cycling programmes through which medical research is funded. Anyone can participate in cycling events tailored for different levels through diverse routes and distances. Let’s see how Action Medical Research mitigates in this direction and why you might consider riding for a cause. 

What are these cycling events?

Action Medical Research promotes different types of cycling events each year where people can register to participate for a certain fee, depending on the length and difficulty of the challenge. The fee includes feed stations, mechanical support, medical assistance, and more. 

This year, for example, some cycling events will take place in Wessex, Sussex or the Kent countryside. But one of the most awaited cycling events is the London to Paris which takes around four days to complete and is one of the most significant changes to support research across the UK. 

Everyone participating in these events contributed to a better future with fewer sick and vulnerable children in the UK, as funded research will bring more clearance into medical challenges so that families can happily raise their children. 

What investigations does Action Medical Research fund?

All research projects are essential when it comes to the kids’ health, but some of them are in more need of support. If previous projects supported knowledge in epilepsy, premature birth and food allergies, current projects include some of the following:

Childhood cancer (brain tumours, leukaemia and neuroblastoma) affects hundreds of children yearly;

Cerebral palsy is a severe illness that affects movement and coordination ―around 2,000 kids are diagnosed with it every year;

Cystic fibrosis makes it difficult for kids to breathe or digest their food, and there is no current cure for the condition; 

Other exciting projects funded by the Action Medical Research movement include understanding the long-term effects of COVID-19 in children, premature birth and pregnancy complications, as well as reducing disability in kids with birth asphyxia. 

Why would you ride for a cause?

There are many reasons why you should consider cycling for charity events. For example, funding medical research paves the way towards healthier future generations who will have access to affordable treatments. In some cases, research that analyses illnesses that can’t be treated at the moment might find a solution in a couple of years with enough study and dedication. 

At the same time, participating in more cycling events will not only make you a contributor to medical research but also care for your health. Exercising for longer will help you live longer and be in good health, which you can only have through a healthy lifestyle. You can meet wonderful people at cycling who you can befriend and even create a small group with which you’ll participate in such events. 

Final thoughts 

Action Medical Research supports medical research in regard to children’s health. The laudable movement provides cycling events that people can participate in and contribute through a small fee to finding solutions to current medical issues in the paediatric field. What do you say? Are you ready to take on the cycling challenge?

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