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Why do you have to wear a retainer?

The thought of wearing a retainer after you’ve gone through the whole process of teeth straightening can feel really disheartening. Finally you’ve got a beautiful, perfect smile to be super proud of and now you’ve not got to wear a Keep Reading

Enhancing the look of the face with Botox Kent

More and more people are seeking new ways to enhance their looks as the world has become more focused on image, than ever before with the rise of online services that allow photo sharing and instant critique. The reason someone Keep Reading

How long have humans been cleaning their teeth?

The idea of brushing teeth is ingrained into everyday life. For most, they may not remember learning to brush or floss their teeth. But modern oral hygiene did not come fully formed but evolved bit by bit. Leading high street Keep Reading

Eliminating the gaps with restorative dentistry

The idea of the dentist can fill some people with dread, whilst others can see the comfort they provide when suffering from dental pain. The regular appointments may feel like a tedious process to go through each year, but knowing Keep Reading

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign

When looking into the variety of options available to you in terms of straightening your smile, it is important to consider the cosmetic appearance of the treatment and how the ‘look’ may affect your confidence. After all, nobody wants to Keep Reading

Achieving cleaner looking teeth with veneers London

Achieving clean, white teeth is something that everybody strives to do, as a lot of people see this as a sign or signal that someone looks after themselves and that they may be in good health. The truth is there Keep Reading