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Worried that you may need an invisible aligner? Five ways to identify that you would benefit from one

It can be tough when you have a slightly misaligned smile. 

As an adult, misaligned teeth will undoubtedly have a more significant impact on your confidence, which can alter every aspect of your life. 

As a child, you may have been told Keep Reading

All you need to know about Invisalign in Bedford

Straight to the point 

Having straight looking teeth is one of the most valuable social assets that one can possess.  As well as being indicative of a good level of oral hygiene and helping to prevent issues such as Keep Reading

Expect more from your dentist in Stevenage

Within the modern field of dental work, patients are expecting more from their local dental clinics, and so they should! Aside from standard general dentistry (a few examples of which include fillings, X-rays, and a scale and polish), clinics all Keep Reading

Got your invisible braces off? What to expect in those first few months

It is always one of a dental patient’s favourite days; the braces are off!

Even when you have used invisible aligners to get a straighter smile, when you take that last aligner out of your mouth, it can feel like Keep Reading

Curious to learn more about oral implants? A basic guide to their fitting and aftercare

When you lose a tooth, as many people know, it can feel like an instant dent to your confidence.

It is said that when a person meets you for the first time, they make a decision about you in the Keep Reading

Who can get Invisalign and what are its benefits?

Invisalign is one of the most significant breakthroughs in dentistry. Since its invention in 1997 by Stanford student Zia Christi it has been a popular solution for teeth straightening, providing an alternative for traditional braces made with metal brackets and Keep Reading