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Whenever a new product is introduced into the market, consumers are curious to know what makes it better than the previous one, the components of the product, the retail price, where to get it, and so on. The same case Keep Reading

Daily care of invisible aligners

Many people who have undergone orthodontic care with a standard brace will know what this typically entails. With a standard brace fitted, you may be required to brush your teeth more regularly and even use interdental brushes to remove food Keep Reading

The 7Ps of dental marketing for a strong patient attraction system

Dentistry has become a very competitive  market. There are more dental practices than ever before. Fortunately more and more people are concerned with the health and appearance of their teeth and are therefore looking for good dental care and with Keep Reading

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming one of the most popular supplements that people can get their hands on, and for good reason. A growing body of research suggests that CBD oil may have a range of health benefits, from reducing anxiety Keep Reading

The important role of the dentist Brentwood

Everybody recognises the importance of having high standards in oral health and hygiene, as these will allow us to live a life that is free from serious oral issues and tooth pain. The best way we can achieve a strong Keep Reading

Does having straight teeth really improve confidence and lifestyle?

For lots of people out there having a smile to be proud of links to overall self-confidence. This could sound obvious but it’s not to be overlooked. Confident people often make successful people and success can also add to our Keep Reading